Planning Production Flow

Often, more than 40 % of a joiner’s or carpenter’s work time are not spent productively. They are taken up by unnecessary travelling, waiting periods due to organizational difficulties, technical problems or the search for the right material or documents. I advise you when you are planning to reorganize your production processes that are meant to create quality products in an economically efficient manner.

Often, I can implement small and large changes simply by possessing the outsider’s perspective and pointing to small everyday things. Sometimes the production side of things works seamlessly, but there are problems in the office or at the intersection of office and production. Decades as a master carpenter and executive director of a business with up to 30 employees and knowledge of many of these problems are part of my rich experience. My volunteer work as chairman of the advisory board “Windows and Façade” for the trade association of carpenters in North-Rhine-Westphalia/Germany allows me to think outside the box and have afforded me a clear judgement.

I treat both, economic as well as personal motives and requirements as conditions for long term success. This means: you should earn money and enjoy your work. I advise your business, staff and finally you personally as a businessman or -woman.

You decide whether to hire me after a preliminary conversation, in which you can elaborate on your vision and get to know me. I look at those processes and parts of your business that you want me to and develop ideas regarding the spatial structure, organization of storage and work facilities and the flow of material.

In addition, I am available to advise you on the execution of an investment into your pool of machinery or your facilities. Your wishes dictate what I work on and discretion is a key element of my consulting work – I will not disclose any information to third parties. If you request, I talk to employees, explain the proposals and try to generate a maximum amount of support. You remain the boss at all times. I will become part of your team for a while and want to lighten your load as well as help you be successful and have fun in the process.