Concepts and Consulting

A client should not just receive what he orders, but what he envisions. Your vision is the basis for project management or specifications for tenders and commissions.

When you want to commission something from a joiner or carpenter, whether furniture, interior fittings, windows, façade, insulation, floors or staircase, you will find many different contractors. These usually offer personal consultation services.

Of course, those consultations are shaped by each business’ own interests. When I work for a client, my consultations and conceptions of possible implementations are independent of contractors and materials. Therefore, all my considerations are based on what works best for your personal needs and what is technologically and financially feasible.

I work on finding solutions, weigh advantages and disadvantages and can make a prediction about the economic efficiency. Once you have chosen one of my solutions you can decide for yourself whether you want to continue the project with or without my help.

I can elaborate on the findings in plans and descriptions, advise you when choosing potential contractors, follow and inspect the execution and review the invoice.

What if you yourself are a master craftsman offering services to clients? From my own experience I know that there are large fluctuations in demand that can subsequently put a strain on personnel. I can also work for you if you have requests from clients that you cannot take on yourself due to reasons such as limited capacities.