expert reports

When giving my expert opinion I concentrate on finding the best solution for your problem. Norms and regulations are points of reference. I apply these to your individual case in order to assess whether the works that were agreed upon by the contracting parties were executed correctly.

Usually I deliver my expert opinion in a written document which includes explanatory photographic evidence and reference to the applied norms and regulations. Of course, I am also available for oral consultations to assess the potential scope of a written expert opinion or simply to give you valuable advice. Often, I am able to guide the contracting parties to a satisfying solution by mediating, even if the relationship between you and the other contracting party is already strained. This mediation will serve as an arbitration and can usually solve the dispute without a litigation and therefore at a lower cost.

In many cases it is worthwhile to think about how to best execute the assessment and identifying and eliminating potential sources of conflict ahead of an assignment. I advise clients, executing businesses and architect an design staff members all alike. My more than 25-year long experience as a master carpenter and executive director of a medium-sized business as well as a client serve as a solid basis. My own experience allows me to understand the situation of contracting parties and ensure that your warranted interests and a fair settlement are met.