Development of new products

“Not possible” is not part of my vocabulary. You have an unusual idea and would like to make it into a product. Your visions or those of your clients are more diverse than ever.

Products or manufacturing solutions that have never been done before offer you a unique selling point. You will have a unique product or a competitive edge.

In an everchanging society we are confronted with new requirements on a daily basis. This is also true for the changing demands for carpentry, furnishing, interior construction, windows and façades. Accessibility for people with a handicap, energy efficiency, access control, security, lighting, amenities, etc. From my own experience I know that there are many things to do between the initial idea and having a product that’s ready for production.

Aside from technical challenges you need to build Test specimen, pass tests, build prototypes, assess your market opportunities and adhere to legal requirements. In the end every product must become part of the production flow so that it can be produced and marketed in a high quality and in the long term.

I am available for consultations and/or cooperation, if you want to “go big” with your idea. I am happy to weigh in with my years of experience in the development of fittings, protection against break-ins and shootings, development of for example a new window system or conception of a ventilation system.