A quick view on our services

expert reports

When giving my expert opinion I concentrate on finding the best solution for your problem. Norms and regulations are points of reference. I apply these to your individual case in order to

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Education and training

Training and empowering your company's employees is one of the fastest and most sustainable ways to increase the efficiency and success of your business.

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Concepts and Consulting

A client should not just receive what he orders, but what he envisions. Your vision is the basis for project management or specifications for tenders and commissions.

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Quality assurance, supervision of projects and construction

You enjoy renovating, furnishing and building or it’s part of the services your business offers, but unfortunately you don’t have the time or the technical know-how? Your project is too small to hire an architect, but too complex to handle yourself?

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Planning Production Flow

Often, more than 40 % of a joiner’s or carpenter’s work time are not spent productively. They are taken up by unnecessary travelling, waiting periods due to organizational difficulties, technical problems or the search for the right material or documents. I advise you when you are planning to reorganize your production processes

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Development of new services and products

“Not possible” is not part of my vocabulary. You have an unusual idea and would like to make it into a product. Your visions or those of your clients are more diverse than ever.

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