Long-term support. Where to go from here? A concept for maintenance.

An administration building with 200 large windows at the end of their warranty period. Who cares for them, how do we keep track of what needs to be done?

What is important? Which things can we forego for economic reasons? These are questions that most clients grapple with. A commercial business is simply not master of building maintenance.First, I had to prepare a report on the current state, then determine the necessary maintenance and repair works and in the end I provided the client with an easy-to-manage maintenance system. I recorded all the built-in elements and determined the fitting components and details. Based on this data I prepared a table for the client in which I prioritized the necessary works according to “to be done immediately”, “in 12 months” and “in 24 months”.
On the basis of the list of elements and materials I could prepare a table with the upcoming servicing dates. Hence the client had to do nothing more than noting the date on which his trusted contractor could do the preventive maintenance measures with said table at hand. And even that wouldn’t be necessary: If you request, I can personally supervise the technical and scheduling details of your long term maintenance.